The Rudnev panel manufacturing plant is situated 20 min outside of Ladysmith KwaZulu Natal from where the central location allows for easy access and competitive pricing to the whole of South Africa. The 10,000m² facility houses our state-of-the-art automated panel line. At over 100m in length and producing panel at 10 meters per minute, this truly is an impressive factory to see in action.

The automated line allows for more than 3000m² of panel to be run in a single shift and allows for quick turnaround on big jobs which would normally take our competitors days if not weeks to manufacture. The automated line also allows for us to be competitive with pricing due to the efficiencies achieved. We at Rudnev Ladysmith pride ourselves in our panel quality, we only use the best raw materials to manufacture our panels and we know our panel quality is the best you will get In sub-Saharan Africa!

For specialised orders we also have a manual line. This line allows us to run different core materials (Rockwool, Polyphen, Polyurethane and Lambdaboard) and we can also do specialised coils like stainless steel on this line for food grade panels.
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